Student government at PA Distance Learning Charter School is an organization that seeks to create a more positive, student-centered environment for all. We desire to create a better school community, provide students with opportunities for leadership, and to encourage the students to PA Distance to be involved in the school community and the community of Pennsylvania. Any student in grades 6-12 is welcome to participate and provide a voice for their grade and their needs as a PA Distance student. We are excited for this year because we hope to inspire students to be invested in our school community and work to develop a more vibrant school atmosphere!

Here are the 2016-17 student elected positions:

Student Council Grades 6-8
President is Asyah L.
Vice President: Kenzie J.
Secretary: Hayley M.

Representatives Grades 6-8
6th Grade:
Jennifer M.
Skylar M.
7th Grade:
Melvin Z.
Robert M.
Camille K.
Eini N.
8th Grade:
Brendan Q.

Student Government Grades 9-12
President is Michelle M.
Vice President is Tanesha S.
Secretary/Treasurer Ethan J.
Media Relations Officer Sarah J.

Representatives Grades 9-12:
9th & 10 grade Zhane B.
11th grade Kiara M.
12th grade Sierra R.