PA Distance Learning Charter School Mission Statement

Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School’s mission is to empower students to own their learning, grow, achieve, and succeed through the use of evidence-based, inclusive, and culturally responsive practices as we build positive relationships in our online environment with all students, families, and communities.

This mission is at the heart of our charter school values and drives our educational efforts on behalf of our virtual learners.

Charter School Values

Our Vision

Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School believes today’s confident students are tomorrow’s successful and impactful citizens of our global community.

Our dedication to this vision has established us as a leader among charter schools in PA.

Our Shared Goals

Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School believes in personalizing the learning experience for our students by providing a supportive online community. We believe all students will achieve academic growth when engaged in live learning sessions and daily online lessons with quality teachers and peers. We value adherence to public cyber charter school regulations, and the continuous professional growth of our staff is essential to student achievement.

Blended Learning

Our definition of blended learning in terms of implementation is that our students spend approximately 50% of their school day with our teachers and their peers in a live learning classroom learning together. The remainder of the school day is spent completing asynchronous, i.e., online computer-based lessons facilitated by parents

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Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning at Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School is defined as collaborating with each student, family, and staff member to create attainable annual and long-term goals.