Support for Our Families

When a child enrolls at PA Distance they become a member of our school family where we do everything we can to support each and every student. The relationship we have with our students, parents, and guardians is paramount and so are the supports we provide. On the front lines of this effort is our Family Engagement Team comprised of a variety of individuals who bring something different to the table.

Family Engagement Team

The Family Engagement team facilitates open communication between PA Distance families and focuses on offering support when they need it. Family Engagement Coordinator, Ms. Angela Abbiati, and her team, Attendance Officer, Mrs. Nicole Williams, Family Engagement Coach/Social Worker, Ms. Kathy Timmerman, and Family Engagement Coach/Academic Liaison, Miss Amy Dunn are excited to begin the new school year by getting to know each other and the PA Distance families. Each of them brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to the PA Distance team that benefits students and their families.

The Family Engagement Team provides families with a variety of resources and works as a liaison between each household and their local community. For example, our Family Engagement Team can provide guidance and local resources for:

  • Crisis & Emergencies
  • Disaster Assistance
  • Food Resources
  • Unemployment
  • Mental Health & Well-Being

For support, reach out to the Family Engagement Team or your child’s School Counselor:

Angela Abbiati, Family Engagement Coordinator,

Amy Dunn, Family Engagement Coach,

Kathy Timmerman, Family Engagement Coach/Social Worker,

Nicole Williams, Attendance Officer,