PA Distance Learning: The Leading Cyber School of Pennsylvania

Experience Connection & Learning in Our Virtual Classrooms

Our Live Learning Sessions (LLS) allow students to participate with their teachers and classmates, in real-time, in a way they are comfortable with. As a cyber school near PA, our students are given the chance to socialize with their peers and teachers to develop relationships and build trust virtually. All lessons are recorded, so students can go back and rewatch if they may have missed something. Access to live lesson recordings is also an excellent way for parents and guardians to see for themselves how our virtual classrooms and lessons are run.

Consistency is Key

PA Distance students have a regular Live Learning Session schedule that allows them to learn and interact directly with their teachers and classmates. Each student has these classes on their schedule multiple times a week, every week, throughout the school year.

How Does Online High School Work?

Live Learning Sessions

PA Distance students, from elementary to high school, are able to chat publicly with the class, chat privately with teachers, utilize their computer’s camera and/or microphone to communicate, collaborate in small “break-out rooms,” participate in polls, and share/view documents and presentations while their teacher is on-screen with them.

Considering Your Cyber School Options in PA? Choose PA Distance Learning!

Instead of enrolling their children in Pennsylvania public schools, distance learning allows the opportunity to choose differently.

Looking for a cyber school near PA? At PA Distance Learning, our commitment lies in our student’s growth. With skilled educators and live learning experiences, we foster a vibrant learning atmosphere that encourages academic excellence and personal development.

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