PA Distance Learning Charter School is a unique public school where instruction takes place almost entirely outside a regular school building. Because of this, the traditional measure of attendance is not a good way to measure whether your child is routinely participating in their coursework. Instead, accountability of student activities and participation is measured by reporting Educational Learning Hours—the hours your child is actually engaged in learning online.

We ask our students to abide by a simple attendance policy to keep everybody on-track—You Don’t Have to Go, But You Do Have to Show!


Pennsylvania Public School Law requires children to receive the following Educational Learning Hours:


5.0 hours per day
Approximately 25 hours per week, completing a minimum of 900 hours per year

Grades 1-6:

5.0 hours per day
Approximately 25 hours per week, completing a minimum of 900 hours per year

Grades 7-12:

5.5 hours per day
Approximately 27.5 hours per week, completing a minimum of 990 hours per year

Through our unique approach to learning, your child has opportunities to learn and can work on curriculum anytime—24 hours a day, seven days a week—often completing 30 or more learning hours per week.

Missing a Day of Class

Accordingly, parents are required to supervise daily school attendance to avoid truancy issues. Under your supervision, your child must log into each scheduled course daily, complete and submit assignments as outlined in their course calendar. Please keep this in mind: Parents are responsible for providing us with written verification of the reason for an absence within 3 days of such absence. A partial day of absence is considered a day of absence from school requiring documentation to be submitted by the parent to PA Distance Learning. A maximum of 10 days of cumulative lawful absences verified by parental notification may be permitted during a school year. All absences beyond 10 cumulative days require an excuse from a physician.

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