PA Charter Cyber School

A Closer Look at Our Charter School’s Curriculum

A Blended Learning Experience Focused on Growth

Our charter school curriculum utilizes a blended learning model that promotes growth for all of our students, regardless of grade level. Our qualified teachers spend the majority of their days interacting with students in real time through our virtual classrooms. They also use other forms of communication throughout the day, including Google Chat or Email. Our live-learning model allows students to “raise their hand,” ask a question, and receive an answer from their instructor right away. This form of teaching also allows for increased student-to-student engagement as they interact with each other and their teachers.

The day doesn’t stop when class is dismissed. The asynchronous portion of our learning philosophy allows students to complete work outside of the classroom and, more importantly, at their own pace. However, as questions arise throughout the day, students do have the ability to reach out to their teacher to get help.

In addition to the traditional charter school academics, PA Distance Learning also offers an array of electives, such as music, art, computer science, and foreign language courses. Likewise, we also have unique electives such as hospitality and tourism, veterinarian science, forensic science, and financial literacy courses. Students are also given a variety of extracurricular opportunities like after-school clubs and enrichment programs.

We also require all of our students to go through our career education and work program in order to prepare them for life after cyber High School. Requirements vary based on grade level. For more specific program information, please see our Career Readiness page.

Our focus is on student growth. It always has been. It always will be.

*Computer science courses are offered to students in grades 6 and up.

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