After a child is evaluated and identified as a student requiring Special Education, our team, along with the parents, work together to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP). An IEP is a required written document that explains the Special Education plan unique to your child based on their needs.

The IEP has two purposes:

  1. learning goals for your child
  2. to state the supports and services that PA Distance will provide for your child

According to IDEA, a child’s IEP must include specific the following:

  • Present levels of academic achievement and functional performance
  • Annual goals
  • Special education and related services to be provided
  • Participation with children without disabilities
  • Dates and location
  • Participation in state and school-wide assessments
  • Transition services
  • Measuring progress
  • Specially Designed Instruction (SDI)

Procedural Safeguards must be provided or offered at least once per school year. The purpose of the document is to notify parents/guardians of their rights, which include:

  • to have your child receive a free, appropriate public education
  • to be a member of the team that develops your child’s education program and to attend meetings about that program
  • to understand every document you sign
  • to know and understand your rights in the language you understand best
  • to pursue other options if you disagree with your Local Education Agency (LEA)

More information can be found within the Procedural Safeguards Notice (we have that attached at the bottom of the page).


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