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Ms. Stephanie Faith
Special Education Coordinator

Special Education Teachers

Ms. Kerianne Mulvey
Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade Teacher

Mr. Adam Winter
3rd & 4th Grade Teacher

Miss Ashley Levenson
5th Grade Teacher

Ms. Felicia Batrack
6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lisa Wierdack
7th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Melissa Glancy
6th & 7th Grade Teacher

Mr. Matthew Galando
8th Grade Teacher

Miss. Amy Dunn
8th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Valerie Metz
9-12 Teacher

Mrs. Janine Otis
9-12 Teacher

Ms. Amy Watenpool
9-12 Teacher

Ms. Chelsea White
9-12 Teacher

Ms. Daniella Zenone
9-12 Teacher

Special Education Support Teachers / Staff

Ms. Joanna Bigos
K-12 Behavioral Specialist

Mrs. Sarah Blose
9-12 Emotional Support Teacher

Ms. Jamie Bate
Speech & Language Teacher

Ms. Heidi Paul
Related Services Specialist

Miss Aubrey Hoffman
Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Mary Alicandro
Special Education Records Specialist

Ms. Heidi Paul
Special Education Related Services Specialist