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Dr. Michael Leitera
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Nicholas Kocuba
Chief Operations Officer
Safety & Security Coordinator
Safe2Say Something Officer

Ms. Kelly Crooks
Chief Academic Officer
Safe2Say Something Officer

Mr. Dean Pappaterra
Chief Compliance Officer
Title IX Coordinator

Ms. Stephanie Faith
Special Education Coordinator

Mrs. Sheryl Allmon
Procurement Coordinator

Ms. Leigh Anne Lord
Human Resources & Operations Coordinator
Right to Know Officer


School Principals

Mrs. Aubrey Ploesch
Elementary School Principal

Ms. Kimberly Crandall
Middle School Principal

Mr. Charles Mort
High School Principal

Community Engagement

Ms. Angela Abbiati
Community Engagement Coordinator

Mr. David Pierce
Community Development Specialist

Mrs. Antonietta Riley
Regional Community Engagement Coach (Western PA)

Miss Janie Messina
Regional Community Engagement Coach (Central PA)

Miss Ashlee Freeman
Regional Community Engagement Coach (Southeast PA)

Mr. Reilly Meyer
Regional Community Engagement Coach (Northeast PA)

Ms. Kathy Timmerman
School Social Worker / Foster Care Liaison

Internal / Academic Support Staff

Ms. Vanessa Panepucci
Administrative Specialist

Ms. Marissa Butter
ESL Coordinator

Mrs. Amy Thornton
Research & Development Coordinator

Mrs. Tanya Contos
Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator

Ms. Joanna Bigos
K-12 Behavioral Specialist / SAP Coordinator

Mrs. Tammy Donahue
Title I Reading Lead & Title I Teacher

Mrs. Christina Wier
6-12 Reading Specialist

Mrs. Victoria DeRoner
School Technology Coach

Ms. Marisa Petraglia
School Technology Coach

Mr. William DeJoseph
Shipping & Materials Coordinator

Mrs. Linda Williams
Parent Connections Specialist

Career Education & Work

Ms. Laura Budd
Career Education & Work Coordinator

School Nurse

Ms. Laura McNeil
School Nurse

Mrs. Michele Mort
School Nurse

State Testing

Mrs. Laura Bailey
Testing Coordinator

Technical Support

Mr. Adam Sima
Technical Support Specialist

Mr. Gage Richter
Technical Support Specialist


Mrs. Nicole Williams
Attendance Officer

Ms. Ashley Blocker
Attendance Specialist


Ms. Brandee Kantrowitz
Lead Enrollment Specialist

Mrs. Sarah Keeler
Enrollment Specialist


Mrs. Cathy Talento
Records Coordinator / Homeless Liason

Mrs. Carrie Powers
Records Specialist

Ms. Mary Alicandro
Special Education Records Specialist

Mrs. Mary Ann Calderone
PIMS Coordinator

Mr. Adam Smith
Reporting/Student Services Specialist