I’ve never seen a school that cared so much for their students.

Kim G.

Much more personal than other schools. Your kid will not be just a number.

Nicole K.

The teachers are dedicated and amazing.

Brandi S.

I couldn’t ask for a better school.

Jennifer G.

We’re turning cyber schooling on its head.

Are you searching for a place to belong? Do you want a school that cares about your child academically, emotionally, and relationally? If so, then join us here at PA Distance, we do cyber school differently.  We build strong classroom communities as we learn online together.

At PA Distance Learning we…

We focus on the investment required by parents and students in order for them to excel instead of just saying we are tuition-free.

Our teachers are state-certified, highly qualified, and all heart. They go above and beyond to lift each student.

We welcome you into our family and work tirelessly to provide you a place to belong. Academics and learning experience are equally important in our world.

Our Live Learning sessions are real-time, online classes that bring our students together and allow our teachers to teach and inspire.

We’re redefining socialization to mean more than merely field trips and clubs, working to connect our students with each other and with opportunities.

We honor the relationship between the teacher and student, and place it at the center of all we do. This is where inspired learning occurs.