School Store and Donations

Recently our staff developed a school-wide positive behavior support program in which students earn points for following the “Core Four”.  The core four is made up of four behaviors we feel students need in order to be successful in life as well as school.  Students are instructed and rewarded for organization, self-advocacy, working independently, and attending school.  Students receive points when they display the desired behaviors.  Their points can be used to purchase items at our online school store.

The following items are examples of things we are looking to collect (in brand new condition): books, fun or unique school supplies, hygiene products, small toys, or any other type of merchandise you think might be of interest to our students.

School Field Trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo

If you would be willing to donate merchandise or make a monetary donation to our school store so we can continue to provide this positive behavior program to our students please contact Mr. David Pierce at 888-997-3352 ext. 123 or

Did You Know: PA Distance Learning Charter School has been serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade around the entire state of Pennsylvania since 2004.

Thank You To Our Partners In Education

We would like to recognize the following people and/or businesses that have made a generous donation to our school store.