Since 1988, Red Ribbon Week has been celebrated with the belief that one person living a drug-free lifestyle can make the world a better place. At PA Distance Learning, we are proud to stand with National Family Partnership in this week-long campaign.

You can make a big difference, and to emphasize that, this year’s theme is “YOLO. Be Drug Free.” Two sixth grade students in Claysburg, PA created this year’s theme, after their teacher would always remind them that their life is a gift lived once and they should make good decisions in it.

To celebrate this at PA Distance Learning, there will be an academic focus by our teachers – in fact, the 8th grade homeroom has already had a lesson on the effects of drugs and alcohol on your body and brain. In addition to our staff talking with our students, we are bringing in a police sergeant to speak to our high school students . We will also take a virtual field trip through Discovery and the Drug Enforcement Administration on the science behind opioid addiction.

Last but not least, we will be having a ton of fun! PA Distance Learning staff, students, and their families are encouraged to participate on the following days in the following ways:

Monday 10/24 – YOLO Be Drug Free: All students and staff wear Red! We will take a staff picture to send to our students. Students and their families are encouraged to send a photo to our staff wearing red. Staff and students will also have the opportunity to sign a pledge.

Tuesday 10/25 – Team Up Against Drugs: Wear your favorite team jersey or shirt to show you are going to team up against drugs. Send your counselor a picture and a collage will be shared.

Wednesday 10/26 – “I Mustache You Not to Use Drugs”: What’s better than homemade mustaches? Staff will be making mustaches and sending pictures, along with ideas on how students and their families can make their own mustaches!
YOLO- Share your Natural Highs in Life- in addition to the mustache silliness, we encourage students to create a video, collage or statement sharing activities in their lives that make them happy, safe and drug free.

Thursday 10/27 – Dream Big! Say No to Drugs: It’s pajama day! Show your school spirit by wearing your pj’s today – many of your teachers will too! Students will share hopes and dreams for life after high school via the survey on their calendar.

Friday 10/28 – Show Your Character: Say No to Drugs: Dress up or draw a picture of your favorite character or superhero from a book or a movie. There will be a staff picture and students scan in your drawing and/or take a picture.