PA Distance Learning Charter School staff members lead technology integration training in the North Side

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PA DISTANCE LEARNING staff members Heiles and DeRoner facilitating a technology training at
Manchester Academic Charter School.

Wexford, Pennsylvania – January 27, 2017- PA Distance Learning Charter School staff members were invited to Manchester Academic Charter School to facilitate a technology integration training.

MACS CEO, Mr. Scoumis, met the PA Distance Learning staff at the Pennsylvania Coalition of Charter Schools event held in October 2016 and wanted to adopt the teaching methods used by the online cyber charter school.

“We don’t just facilitate learning, we create and design lessons which allow us to actively teach and are constantly working to improve our instruction by effectively using online technologies,” said PA Distance Learning teacher and technology coach, Katie Heiles.

Heiles and other PA Distance Learning teacher and technology coach, Victoria DeRoner, facilitated a training at MACS on Friday, January 27 that focused on SAMR and assessment. In addition, the two shared the ways that PA Distance Learning uses different tools such as presentation, video/media, and formative assessment to engage students and enhance lessons. The training lasted a few hours as the other key component of the training was the explanation of the progression of the SAMR model for technology integration and how it connected to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

“Thanks to this training, a classroom game of 10 questions has already been added to my Google classroom using Quizziz,” said a MACS teacher.

PA Distance Learning hopes to continue facilitating these trainings at other Pennsylvania charter schools to create an environment that fosters success for all students and staff.