As the Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School grows its student base, it remains committed to its vision of relationship-centered education.

Along with increased live learning time and live resource rooms, PA Distance Learning is now offering regular chances to strengthen these relationships after school. Last week, PA Distance Learning announced its Clubs and After-Hours Programs for 2016-17.

PA Distance Learning will be offering After-School Homework Assistance and Tutoring from 4:30-5:30, Monday-Thursday. Targeted Tutoring will also be available for students who need on-going support in a particular subject area.

In addition to these After-Hours programs, the following are clubs available to PA Distance Learning students:

Spanish Club: K-5 students
Middle School Student Council: 6-8 grade students
Student Government: 9-12 grade students
Yearbook Club: 2 groups will collaborate, 6-8 grade students and 9-12 grade students
A Good Book Club: 9-12 grade students
TED-Ed Club: 6-12 grade students
Literary Magazine: 9-12 grade students
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA): 9-12 grade students
Art Club: 9-12 grade students

While many of the Elementary students have learned some Spanish at Ms. Berger’s Summer Language Camps, she would love to extend that possibility into the school year. The Spanish Club will speak some Spanish, as well as learn about the food, music, art, and holidays of different Spanish speaking cultures.

The Middle School students are offered excellent leadership opportunities for this year, whether they choose to participate in our Middle School Student Council, or the TED-Ed Club. The Middle School Student Council will offer students the chance to collaborate with school staff and students to create further community opportunities, as well as involvement in local communities. The Middle Schoolers will also have the opportunity to collaborate with the High Schoolers on a Year Book.

Similar to the Middle Schoolers, PA Distance Learning High School students will also have Student Government. In fact, the High School students have an abundance of options this year! They are part of the TED-Ed Club and the Yearbook Club, and are also offered the Gay-Straight Alliance Club, A Good Book Club, and the Literary Magazine Club.

PA Distance Learning teachers are thrilled to offer these community building opportunities, and they have high hopes for what they can accomplish in and out of our school community.

“I hope that my club will help students find what they are passionate about, and connect them with students in our school and other TED-Ed clubs in the world to share and celebrate their ideas,” said Mrs. DeRoner, who is sponsoring the TED-Ed Club.

PA Distance Art teacher, Ms. Belville, shared similar hopes. “I feel the Arts are important and I want to get PA Distance’s name out there. I would like the students to grow as artists and to be involved in state contests and a virtual art show that will be happening sometime this year.”

Ms. Lewis, although speaking about the Literary Magazine, summed up a goal of all the clubs perfectly:

“PA Distance Learning students are creative and this is an opportunity to acknowledge their gifts.”