For our 100th day of school, our students and staff got together to celebrate the wonderful community we have together. We had over 100, but we thought we’d share just a few to celebrate!
“I think PA Distance is awesome because it’s the most supportive place I know. When I log on I feel like I can do anything. The teachers are really nice and really bring up your spirits when you’re down or even when your happy they just make your day.” – Zhane B.

“Professional, extremely friendly staff. My son loves school and is doing wonderful. Much more personal than other schools, your kid will not be just a number.” – Nicole K.

“I can be myself!” – Amanda H.

“No matter what you want to do, be it writing, painting, help out with the school committees, or reading to kids, there’s an opportunity for you to do it here.” – Kiara M.

“I think PA Distance is awesome because the teachers really try to help you. Every one of my teachers are very nice and keep trying to get you to know what you need to know. They give you plenty of time to get stuff done.” – Justin F.

“We love PA Distance! It has been the best school choice for our son with ADHD/autism! The teachers and staff really care and want the students to succeed . If he does not understand something they do not just push him ahead, they make it so he is capable of understanding it.” – Cassie and Nate D.

“I think it’s awesome since the online classes are live and since there’s homework help. If you miss a day you can still do the work and get a good grade.The best part is the teachers are the best in any school!” – Christian G.

“It brings out amazing education! The teachers and assitants are amazing, I have met and made some amazing people that I’m grateful to call my friends. One of my parents best decisions was enrolling me to PA Distance.” – Caila W.

“I think the school is awesome because all of the teachers and others are so very kind and helpful. If you need help they try to guide you through every step on what you needed help with!” – Carla H.

“When I first told my friends I was coming here they said it would be harder, and I would not be able to talk to anybody. But I can contact anybody I want and can talk to other students, which is awesome.” – John M.

Happy 100th Day of School!

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PA-Distance-Learning-CommunityThere is strength in community.