Darcy Bible is a determined math instructor who believes that all students should love math, just like she does. Though not everyone might come to love it, she does an excellent job of showing students the ways that they can use it each and every day.

She takes the extra time to thoroughly explain not only how to solve the problems, but to really look at the why of the problem.

When asked why she’s always seen going the extra mile she said, “Each day brings a new adventure and a new opportunity to help someone or do something positive.”

Darcy-Bible-spotlight.jpgShe loves to challenge students to think outside of the box of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division into true problem solving. Math becomes, under Mrs. Bible’s tutelage, the means to explore the world, all the while making math relevant to their daily life.

To Mrs. Bible, Math + Problem Solving = FUN!

“The learning experience is great, but the greatest reward is knowing that you made a difference for someone. I have many years and worlds of wisdom left to learn, but my ultimate goal is to reach and help as many people as I can, to drive them to be the most successful versions of themselves!” – Mrs. Darcy Bible