Tessa Fischetti is a new teacher to PA Distance and to the world of teaching. Though she is beginning her career, she has already managed to embody what you want your first grade teacher to have: an enthusiasm for teaching that goes beyond just teaching the basics, to helping develop a love for learning in the students.

Miss Fischetti works to create a path for the students that leads them to the ultimate first grade goals: reading, writing and solving problems with ease.

She doesn’t take herself too seriously and always has time to share a laugh with her students, who she calls her friends. First and foremost she makes first grade fun!

When asked why she teaches she said, “I teach because it’s all I’ve ever dreamed of doing with my life. Remembering back to when I was a little girl, watching my father teaching, coaching sports, staying up late grading papers, I always looked up to how he made a difference in his students’ lives. He now has taught generations of people, who always stop to shake his hand or give him a hug when they see him.”tessa-fischetti-spotlight.jpg

Miss Fischetti has already started making a difference like her father in her young students’ lives.

“What drives me is to make that difference; to be that person a student can look up to, who shows a student someone cares about him or her.”

“That’s what I hope to do through teaching, to have my former students think back to their experience in First Grade and say, ‘Wow, Miss Fischetti really loved me and truly cared about me doing my best.’ If I can achieve that one thought, that one feeling, then my heart will be full at the end of my career.” – Miss Tessa Fischetti