Hannah Lewis is a devoted English teacher who awakens a love of Englsh in her students. She gets creative to bring together many different genres for her students, which has created an environment for her students that is thought-provoking and pushes the students to become independent learners.

Most of all, Ms. Lewis brings literature alive. From grammar to deepening the students understanding of text, she ensures that the students are
engaged, involved and participating in their own learning experiences.
Ms. Lewis said, “I loved books from a young age, and I was lucky enough to have teachers who cultivated my love of reading and encouraged me to be playful and grow as a writer.”

But Ms. Lewis does more than cultivate students as readers and writers: she helps them envision and cultivate their future.

“I became a teacher because I believe in the power of reading and writing to help people imagine alternatives and then create new possibilities for themselves. I try every day to show my students what a gift literacy can be, and to encourage them to use writing to speak their truths and tell their stories.”

Ms. Lewis sees literature as big picture: “I want them to be lifelong learners and engaged citizens who make the world a better and brighter place.”

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