{Wexford, PA] April 27, 2016 — PA Distance Learning, a public cyber charter school, is opening its enrollment for the 2016-17 school year.

PA Distance is doing cyber school differently for families across Pennsylvania. In the cultural tide of bigger is always better, PA Distance is concerned with a different kind of growth – the growth of its students as individuals. In keeping relationships at the center of the learning experience, PA Distance strives to maintain a personal classroom size. Additionally, using live learning sessions, students team up daily with teachers and other classmates to bring all asynchronous lessons together.

“Students have the ability to do everything a traditional classroom does from direct instruction to group work,” said Mrs. Patricia Rossetti, CEO. “In addition to live learning, teachers, parents, and students communicate via email, chat, and Google Hangouts as they progress through daily lessons. Students are never alone, when they are at home with PA Distance.”

This means a student can interact with teachers and other students while logged into their lessons in order to foster a safe and collaborative environment.

Perhaps the most essential way students may grow is by having enthusiastic teachers, who are eager to know them and support them in their own passions and talents. “Teachers become teachers to have the opportunity to bring meaningful learning experiences to a child,” said Rossetti. “The relationship a student and parent has with a teacher can propel that child to achieve his or her highest potential.”

Another way PA Distance students grow is from peer learning. Students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds spanning Pennsylvania cities, suburbs, farmlands, and the hilly spaces in-between come together daily in their virtual classrooms. This diverse body of students partner perspectives on the subjects of history, science, math, language arts, and more. The teachers work to ensure this growth is possible, and the distances associated with cyber learning are bridged.

Rossetti remarked, “I am in awe sometimes of just how remarkable our teachers are when they work with our families. The level of respect and selflessness is evident each day as they collaborate on building strong relationships with families who have invited us into their child’s life.” Guided by teachers’ examples, PA Distance students learn to value their peers’ differences, all the while learning to maintain their own uniqueness.

PA Distance’s goal for the student’s personal growth is guided on the principle that each child matters to the world in a unique way, and relationship-driven education can help them to grow in the knowledge, direction, and attitude guiding them toward being their best.

These high values and ideals above have been a reality for PA Distance families thanks to transparent planning and ethical spending policies. “Our board is actively involved in overseeing the financial and academic viability of our school,” noted Rossetti.

During this enrollment period, PA Distance will be offering webinars and events through the summer so parents can learn more about the school and see if it is a good fit for them.

If you’re interested in learning more or applying for enrollment in PA Distance’s relationship-driven education, visit