• Together Happens Here
  • Doing cyber school differently.
  • Teacher crafted, kid approved.
  • Uniqueness encouraged.


At PA Distance, we believe learning together is better than learning alone. And relationships matter as much as academics. We’re not your normal cyber school. In fact, we are vastly different in how we serve families in kindergarten through high school. How?

  • PA Distance Live Learning sessions bring students together everyday allowing our certified teachers to do what they do best: teach
  • We treat our families like the valued customers that they are, and we don’t ask the parent to be the teacher.
  • We place the teacher­-student relationship at the center because we believe this is where inspired learning happens. We don’t expect the student to do it all on their own.
  • We spend more time together -- ­­ learning, growing, dreaming, encouraging, and connecting -- ­­ going far beyond the typical field trips and club activities.
  • We’re not trying to be a school for anyone and everyone. We’re more about names than numbers.

We may be tuition-­free, however, there is an investment required: dedication, commitment, and resilience. The return on this investment is priceless.

For us it’s not about where you come from -- ­­ homeschool, public school, private school, another cyber charter school --­­ it’s more about where you want to go and what you aspire to be. The path forward with us is simple, and we travel it with you.

Parents just like you who value a high­-quality education have already joined us on this journey. We invite you to do the same. We encourage you to learn more about us while you are here.

Or, if you are ready, we can begin the enrollment process now.