Building Meaningful Relationships
Beyond the Classroom

Our students are learning online but they aren’t isolated. They have opportunities to connect and build relationships through a variety of extracurricular activities like after virtual school clubs, summer camps, and in-person field trips, our students forge friendships while learning something new.

PA DIstance Learning Clubs

After School Clubs

PA Distance offers a variety of opportunities to extend fun and engaging learning experiences beyond the virtual classroom. The after school programs provide students with a safe space to socialize and learn about topics they are interested, outside of their schoolwork and guided curriculum. All after school clubs take place when the school day is over, after 3:30 pm.

Every academic year, a variety of club opportunities are introduced to our students. Some of our current after school clubs include:

  • Book Club: K-4th graders

  • World Explorer’s Club: K-6th graders

  • American Sign Language Club: K-6th graders

  • Art Club: 4-8th graders

  • Student Leadership Club: 7-12th graders

  • Social Justice League: 9-12th graders

  • Video Game Club: 7-12th graders

  • Cooking Club: 8-12th graders

  • Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Club: 9-12th graders

  • Yearbook Club: 9-12th graders

  • Art Exploration Club: 9-12th graders

  • Literary Magazine Club: 9-12th graders

  • Stress-Free Students Club: 7-12th graders

  • Chess Club: 3-12th graders

In our after school clubs, students are creating, pursuing passions, immersing in other cultures, exploring new foods, learning to lead and developing highly transferable skills that are invaluable. 

Mrs. Darcy Bible, Math Teacher, After School Program & Field Trip Coordinator
The Yearbook Club provided students with the opportunity to combine their creativity, collaboration skills, and school spirit to build a physical book of memories enjoyed by hundreds of PA Distance families each year. 
Mrs. Katie Heiles, Teacher & Yearbook Club Sponsor
The Dungeons & Dragons Club brings this timeless adventure game to life every week. The students create their own characters, based on stats and lore, and then they travel through a story under the watchful eye of the “dungeon masters.” All high school students are invited to join our next campaign!
Mr. Matthew Gates, Teacher and Dungeons & Dragons Club Co-Sponsor
Student Leadership Club allows students to have an active role in our school by planning and participating in student created and led activities. If you can dream it, we can make it happen!
Mrs. Katie Devlin, Teacher & Student Leadership Club Co-Sponsor
During Cooking Club, students learn both important cooking techniques and new recipes. Students learn to make a variety of recipes including Chicken Cordon Bleu, Stromboli, Chicken and Dumplings and Quiche from start to finish. Students also learn essential cooking techniques like knife skills, sautéing, making a roux and béchamel, and baking that all levels of home cooks should know. 
Ms. Marisa Petraglia, Teacher & Cooking Club Sponsor
Students in Literacy Magazine Club host school-wide writing contests, participate in writing activities and enjoy collaborating with the Art Exploration Club. Members work together to collect writing pieces and artwork from their peers and revise, edit and publish a magazine that showcases the talents of each student. 
Mrs. Maggie Johnston, Teacher & Literary Magazine Club Sponsor
In Stress-Free Students Club, students learn breathing and mindfulness techniques as well as simple yoga flows to better manage their stress levels. They enjoy a break from their school day with some time to just relax and breathe!
Mrs. Katie Devlin, Teacher & Stress-Free Students Club Sponsor

In Book Club, students explore new worlds through books and stories with their peers! Our club is an opportunity for all levels of readers to gain confidence and find a love for reading. 

Mrs. Alyssa Swantner, Teacher & Book Club Sponsor

Student Leadership is a great place for students to grow their leadership skills and connect with the student body. Students really enjoy getting to know each other and planning meaningful and fun events for the school. 

Mrs. Katie Mihoerck , School Counselor & Student Leadership Club Sponsor

Odyssey Fellowship Program

Through a partnership with Grow a Generation, the Odyssey Fellowship Program is designed as an ongoing opportunity for PA Distance student fellows to embark on a year-long journey where they learn new skills, build meaningful projects, and partner with mentors around the globe. 

Fellows meet weekly, every Friday, for 45 minutes while engaging in a variety of experiences and activities that help them move toward becoming STEM Athletes, Digital Storytellers, and World Changers. Our fellows have developed several projects in the last two years, including Cutting Edge in Healthcare, AgTech, Terms of Service, Life on a Wall.

Odyssey Fellows learn about a variety of topics while in the program like developing a brand, logo, and website. They learn problem-solving skills, interview experts in the field, organize and plan events (both virtually and in-person), scriptwriting, video production, graphic design,and professional correspondence. 

Three opportunities are available this year to the PA Distance students:



The Odyssey Fellowship Program is a unique extracurricular opportunity made available to PA Distance students who have been enrolled for at least one year in grades 3-12 and are in good academic standing. Students who qualify may fill out an application and, if chosen, will be admitted into the program during their entire time at PA Distance.

How to Apply

PA Distance students who are interested in becoming an Odyssey Fellow should reach out to After-School Programs Coordinator, Mrs. Darcy Bible, for information about program commitments and the application process.

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