Learning together happens here.

We’re online but not isolated. So let’s blow that myth out of the water when it comes to our students here at PA Distance. If you decide to enroll with us, you will have every opportunity to connect, build relationships, forge friendships, and express your uniqueness.

Meet Tessa.

Tessa is a PA Distance student who has turned the opportunity of providing our weekly updates into an expression of personality (you even get to meet her little sister).

We call it our Video Announcement Club where we invite our students to create, edit and publish video segments with the idea of offering a fresh perspective on the school announcements (don’t worry, it is all done under the tutelage and guidance of our teachers but we do encourage uniqueness).

Our Spanish Club

Our Spanish Club is geared toward elementary students in grades K-5. Here they learn how to speak Spanish. Students also have the opportunity will also learn about holidays, music and art. Spanish club meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.


Maybe you are a writer, or just enjoy the written word. We have opportunities for you too.

Do you like to draw? Paint? Sculpt?

Then perhaps our student-led Art Club is your place to express yourself and connect with others.

Our students come together to collaborate on artworks or share their own masterpieces (or just their love for art), and some even submit to state and national contests. We then come together for our very own March Madness. We call it March Arts Madness: our annual celebration of our students and their talents.

Every year, new clubs are introduced to our students. Some of our recent clubs/student activities include:

  • A Good Book Club: 9-12 grade students

  • TED-Ed Club: 6-12 grade students

  • Literary Magazine: 9-12 grade students

  • Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA): 9-12 grade students

  • Art Clubs: 4-7 and 8-12 grade students

  • Spanish Club: K-5 students

  • Middle School Student Council: 6-8 grade students

  • Student Government: grade students

  • Yearbook Club: 2 groups will collaborate, 6-8 grade students and 9-12 grade students

Not seeing anything that speaks to your passion? That’s what is so cool about our school.

If YOU have an idea for a club or some other way to connect with other students, then we want to know about it. We look for ways to say “Yes” especially when it comes to fulfilling the interests and wishes of our students. And, we haven’t even mentioned our field trips, Live Learning sessions, and G Suite – Google Apps for Education yet.

Myth of isolation at PA Distance? Busted.