We provide a welcoming environment for our students to learn, grow, and succeed.

We focus on the quality of our teachers not just the quality of our curriculum, setting us apart from the other cyber schools across the state. Our credentialed teachers bring robust experience, innovative techniques, and specialized knowledge to their virtual classrooms.

PA Distance is Where Teaching Still Matters. 

“My kids are all doing amazing and keeping their grades up.
They ask for help when they need it. They all love attending
PA Distance and talking to their teachers.”

Michelle K. , PA Distance Graduate & Parent

“I love the way they treat our family by giving us the support
and ability to reach out if we need anything concerning my son and his education.”

Megan M., PA Distance Parent

“The teachers are all such nice, knowledgeable, and caring people.
Everyone worked with me and my family to make my son feel safe and secure.
In the first marking period, my son got A’s and B’s and LOVED his teachers!”

Marla S., PA Distance Parent

“They want to know what it is that helps your child learn best,
how to support and assist your child in any way that is fit for them.
Students are face to face with their teachers and team. They are developing
connections. Connections that PA Distance honestly care about.”

Thea N., PA Distance Graduate & Parent

“We enrolled our daughter so she would feel accepted.
We enrolled her so she would have a wonderful education.
We have found both and more at PA Distance.”

Megan G., PA Distance Parent

“Our first year at PA Distance was amazing. We experienced so much
academic progress and success because my kids were in a safe environment.
The teachers were the best – engaging and attentive to my kid’s needs.”

Sandii P. , PA Distance Parent

Our Mission:

We blend proven classroom teaching techniques with educational technologies to promote academic growth for all students.

We help to make their goals a reality.

  • Personalized Learning Experiences

  • Supportive Online Community

  • Value Federal & State Regulations

  • Promote Professional Growth for Teachers & Staff

A good place to begin is with our Service Mission to see how we are focused on serving our students as the valued customers they are.