PA Student Assistance Program

At the PA Distance Learning Charter School, we value early and consistent parental involvement in our students’ education. One goal that we strive to meet is to notify and involve parents when students experience barriers to learning and school success.

Our PA Student Assistance Program is designed to assist school personnel in identifying student issues, including alcohol/drug use, mental health issues, child abuse, etc., which pose a barrier to their learning and school success.

Virtual Student Support

The mission of the Student Assistance Program at PA Distance is to provide virtual student support, promote healthy coping skills, and increase school success. Students’ health, safety, and welfare are always of the utmost importance to us. Students can be referred to SAP by parents/guardians, school personnel, peers, or through self-referral. The SAP team is comprised of specially trained teachers, administrators, and school counselors. Our goal is to work with families to offer support and recommendations for students. Where barriers are beyond the scope of the school, the team can provide guidance and information so that families can access community resources.

Student Assistance Program in PA – Our Team

School personnel, peers, students themselves, or family members may refer students to the “Care in Action” team. A student can only be involved in the SAP program with parent/guardian permission. Any person who is concerned about a student is encouraged to refer that student by contacting the SAP Coordinator. 

Ms. Joanna Bigos – Behavioral Specialist/SAP Coordinator, ext. 147