Parent Orientation Sessions

The Community Engagement Team hosts virtual Parent Orientation Sessions for the parents and guardians of enrolled students. These in-depth orientations are designed to educate parents about daily life at PA Distance and how to best support their students while learning in a new online environment.

Each session covers:

  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Checking Grades
  • How to use the PA Distance Email Account
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Attendance
  • Communication
  • Basic Technology

To register for a Parent Orientation Session, please contact the Family Engagement Team:

Ms. Angela Abbiati, Community Engagement Coordinator,

Mr. David Pierce, Community Development Specialist,

Miss Amy Dunn, Regional Community Engagement Coach (Central PA),

Ms. Sara Kowalok, Regional Community Engagement Coach (Eastern PA),

Ms. Abigail Apter-Rose, Regional Community Engagement Coach (Western PA),

Kathy Timmerman, Community Engagement Coach/Social Worker,

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