Measuring Progress

As a public cyber charter school, each year we conduct student testing in accordance with the State of Pennsylvania Department of Education.


The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA)

The PSSA is a set of standardized tests administered in all public schools across the State of Pennsylvania.

Our teachers use these test scores to help us further identify students who may be in need of additional learning opportunities.

Families also receive the individual student test scores during the summer so they are also aware of the progress of their children.

Overall school scores provide us the information we need to improve and enhance our curriculum offerings.

We do our best to keep test locations within 50 miles of each family enrolled in order to minimize the travel time required by our families for these tests.

*Grades 3-8 tested in Math and English Language Arts
*Grades 4 and 8 tested in Science

Keystone Exams

The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to evaluate proficiency in the following subject areas in order for Pennsylvania students to graduate:

*English Literature

These tests are administered by PA Distance Learning teachers and we do our best to limit the travel by families of 50 miles or less to a testing facility.

Students have the opportunity to show proficiency multiple times during their high school experience.

Scantron Testing

We utilize the Scantron Performance Assessments to provide students with personalized tests to provide our teachers and our students/families with immediate feedback in order for us to craft a personal learning plan for each student.

The online tests automatically adjust to each child’s level in order to challenge them appropriately.

Our students take these tests three times each school year, on their own from the comfort of their home.

These are merely designed to provide us the information we need to ensure a meaningful learning experience for our students and families.