High School is right around the corner. The time to prepare for the next level is NOW.

The jump from elementary to middle school is a big one. Afterall, it’s called middle school for a reason. It’s that short period of time where you’re not an elementary student, but not quite a high school student. It’s an important time in a student’s academic career.

At PA Distance Learning, our main focus is student growth. How we prepare our students for the future is how we measure our own success. Our goal is to make each transition as seamless as possible – whether you’re going from kindergarten to first grade, fifth grade to sixth grade, or eighth grade to ninth grade.

Middle school is where students start expanding their interests, but more importantly it’s where they begin to develop their passions.

The core curriculum is in full swing during the middle school years. Students are being exposed to subjects like language arts and more specialized math and science courses. Our students are also reading novels focused on increasing literacy skills, grammatical accuracy and overall writing abilities.

The career education and work program the students started in kindergarten continues through middle school as well. Our Highly Qualified teachers often host assemblies that expose students to different professionals in varying industries. This program becomes more and more personalized as our students expand their interests and develop their passions.

Our middle school curriculum, like all other grade levels, is rooted in growth and supported by our proven blended learning environment. There are opportunities everyday for student to student, as well as student to teacher, collaboration through our live virtual classroom. The rest of the day is spent working independently on their learning activities. However, when questions arise students can reach out to their teacher or fellow students for assistance.

At PA Distance Learning we believe in our mission. We believe in our parents. We believe in our teachers. We believe in our students. But, we know that in order to be successful, everyone needs to work together to ensure your student’s success!