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Curiosity: Re-imagined.

We believe Middle School is really the beginning of directing Curiosity toward a Purpose.

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Curiosity toward a Purpose

That purpose is unique to each student and is their own personal journey. The resources we provide our students during this time fosters both Curiosity and Purpose.

Acellus serves as our primary online resource for our Core subjects providing students with an interactive and immersive experience through self-guided online lessons.

Teacher created activities, shared through our regularly scheduled Live Learning Sessions,  provide enriching learning experiences that supplement the self-guided online lessons, and spark students’ Curiosity to further explore concepts presented by the teachers.

Career, Education and Work Activities act as our driver for Purpose. Our students begin to explore and discover what excites them, what drives them, and what opportunities are available for them to fulfill their Purpose in life.

We then finish out the learning experience of our students with award-winning resources to uncover their curious side.

Creativity Express: Developed by former Disney Animators, our 7th graders learn art as designed from some of the best in the industry that have real-world applications.

Novels: Our students receive hard copy books dedicated to enriching their literary skills, grammatical accuracy, and writing abilities.

Physical Education: We utilize a variety of resources to ensure our students have a firm grasp and great appreciation for nutrition, wellness, and the joy of activity.

When our students finish Middle School they are prepared to enter High School where Curiosity and Purpose become intertwined.