The future is within reach. Is your child prepared?

High school is the very last step before your child heads into the real world. Whether he or she is moving onto college, a vocational school, or heading right into the workforce, the final years of their K-12 academic journey are extremely important in determining how smooth the transition to the next level will be.

No matter which path your child takes after high school our goal is to make sure they’re prepared. High school is the perfect time to challenge our students and focus on developing critical thinking skills as they head into life’s next chapter.

We encourage parents to still be heavily involved at the high school level. We need them to be our eyes and the ears to help keep the student on track with their coursework. Our program affords our high school students the freedom to work at their own pace, so having a support system at home to continue to keep them on track is critical.

There are numerous triggering events that lead students to our school. Whether they are struggling in their current situation, concerned for their safety, having trouble staying focused, or just don’t want to deal with the social aspect that comes along with being a high school student.  We’ve also seen students who are elite athletes and rely on the flexibility of our cyber charter school setting to succeed both athletically and academically.

Our students come from all walks of life and no two situations are exactly the same. It’s important to note that a cyber charter school setting isn’t for everyone.

Our students find their passion, and oftentimes their career path, through our Career Education and Work Program.

Our high school curriculum affords students the opportunity to challenge themselves through our honors and AP courses. These courses go a long way in preparing students for the overall college experience.

The high school learning environment, like all other grade levels, is rooted in growth and supported by our proven blended learning environment. There are opportunities everyday for student to student, as well as student to teacher, collaboration through our live virtual classroom. The rest of the day is spent working independently on their learning activities. However, when questions arise students can reach out to their teacher or fellow students for assistance.

The Career Education and Work program the students started in kindergarten continues through the eleventh grade school year. The final few years of this program can go a long way in helping a student determine their future plans.

By the time a student reaches their senior year of high school they will have already been exposed to numerous career education and work assignments, as well as an extensive job shadowing experience in their community. Oftentimes students find their passion through this program and turn it into a career path.

At PA Distance Learning we believe in our mission. We believe in our parents. We believe in our teachers. We believe in our students. But, we know that in order to be successful, everyone needs to work together to ensure your student’s success!