Continuing to build a strong student foundation, rooted in growth, and focused on long term success.

First through fifth grades are extremely formative years in a child’s education. Students are exposed to the virtual classroom setting, learning projects and the overall curriculum in kindergarten, but student growth really shines at the elementary level.

It starts in first grade and the overall journey from first grade to sixth grade features some of the most significant growth we see at PA Distance Learning. Parent participation is still strongly encouraged at this level, but as the student grows academically they will become more and more independent.

At PA Distance Learning we expose our students to the arts at a very early age and encourage them to express their creativity.

As each year passes, students are exposed to subjects that challenge their minds and more importantly further develop their interests. They are also exposed to the arts through year-long music and art courses. Music is taught to grades two and four while art is taught in three and five. Although the courses take place in alternating years, there are opportunities for for students to showcase their creativity throughout each year, regardless of their grade level.

The career education and work program the students started in kindergarten continues through elementary school as well. Our Highly Qualified teachers often host assemblies that expose students to different professionals in varying industries.

Our elementary curriculum is rooted in growth and supported by our proven blended learning environment. There are opportunities everyday for student-to-student, as well as student-to-teacher collaboration through our live virtual classroom. The rest of the day is spent working independently on their learning activities. However, when questions arise students can reach out to their teacher or fellow students for assistance.

At PA Distance Learning we believe in our mission. We believe in our parents. We believe in our teachers. We believe in our students. But, we know that in order to be successful, everyone needs to work together to ensure your student’s success!