A Blended Learning Experience Focused on Growth

We use a truly blended learning experience that promotes growth for all of our students, regardless of grade level. Our highly qualified teachers are based in Wexford and spend the majority of their days interacting with students through our virtual classrooms. The synchronous component of our curriculum allows students to raise their hands and ask questions and have them answered right away. It also allows for increased student to student engagement through our virtual classroom.

The day doesn’t stop when class is dismissed. The asynchronous portion of our learning philosophy allows students to complete work outside of the classroom, and more importantly, at their own pace. However, as questions arise throughout the day, students do have the ability to reach out their teacher and get real time assistance.

Our blended learning experience gives your student the opportunity to interact with peers and teachers on a daily basis while also completing coursework in the comfort of their own home.

At PA Distance Learning we focus on expanding the arts, not getting rid of them.

Growth is the main focus at PA Distance Learning. Part of student growth is providing them with opportunities to explore interests and further their knowledge as they prepare for the next step in their journey. We offer many electives such as music, art, physical education and foreign language courses. In addition, we also have unique electives such as hospitality and tourism, veterinarian science, forensic science and financial literacy courses.

To further prepare students for the next step we require all of our students to go through our career education and work program. This program starts in elementary school and runs through eleventh grade. Students complete monthly career education and work assignments and also engage in a comprehensive job shadowing experience with professionals in a field they are interested in. The school maintains these assignments until the student’s portfolio is complete at the end of the eleventh grade year. Not only do programs like this encourage students to explore their interests, it also helps them get out and interact in the community.

The overall school experience should provide encouragement and promote growth. The K-12 years are some of the most important years of our lives and our highly qualified teachers understand that and certainly don’t take it for granted.

Our focus is on student growth. It always has been. It always will be.








“My kids love this school. They wouldn’t go anywhere else.” 

— PA Distance Learning Parent