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Our Administrators 

Play an important and unique role in your child’s academic experience at PA Distance Learning Charter School.

Patricia Rosetti

Mrs. Patricia Rossetti

Chief Executive Officer
1-888-997-3352 ext. 114

Dr. Darla Posney

Dr. Darla Posney

1-888-997-3352 ext. 150

Mrs. Sheryl Allmon

Mrs. Sheryl Allmon

Director of Student Services
1-888-997-3352 ext. 103

Ms. Kelly Crooks

Curriculum Coordinator
1-888-997-3352 ext. 159

Mrs. Jamie Desrochers

Mrs. Jamie Desrochers

Director of Special Education
1-888-997-3352 ext. 105

Mr. Nick Kocuba 

Director of Technology
1-888-997-3352  ext. 109

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