Service Mission

Here at PA Distance, we take the concept of service seriously. We believe students and families should be treated as customers in the way we serve them. With that in mind, we have established a Service Mission and Service Standards that guide us in our daily interaction and engagements with our students and families.

What We Do: We create a meaningful learning experience for students and families in Pennsylvania.


For the peace of mind of our students and families, we have adopted Regulations into our Service Standards. This ensures that we meet or exceed all applicable rules associated with operating a cyber charter school in Pennsylvania.


The Service Standard of Courtesy requires that each of our students is treated as a VIP — a very important and very individual person. This standard guides us in the way we engage with our students and families by treating them as they would like to be treated.


We seek to go above and beyond simply meeting the needs of our students and families as we aim to meet their wants and emotions. This journey we are on is best traveled together and we seek to be there each step of the path.

When taken together, these Service Standards provide a road map for us in fulfilling our Service Mission of creating a meaningful learning experience for
our students.



While the academics, or the courses taken, may be the same for all of our students, the learning experience can be personalized to each one. We see this Standard as our guide in how we approach the overall learning journey.