PA Distance Learning holds and attends a variety of events throughout the year. Field Trips for current families are held at various locations throughout the state, and we can also be found at different community events as well. Check back often for an updated list of the places you can visit with PA Distance Staff and Families!

February (Black History Month)

Virtual Field Trip: Civil Rights: Before You Could Say “Jackie Robinson”
In this virtual field trip, we will visit with an educational leader from the National Baseball Hall of Fame to explore American history from the era of Jim Crow to the civil rights heroics of Jackie Robinson to the post-integration efforts of superstars like Hank Aaron. Learn about the great players of the Negro leagues, including Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige, and pioneers of the modern game like Frank Robinson and Emmett Ashford.
Tuesday, February 11th @ 1:00pm

Virtual Field Trip: The Stages of Lincoln’s Legacy
In this virtual field trip, we will visit Ford’s Theatre to bring the story of President Lincoln’s assassination and the world of Civil War Washington to life. President Lincoln’s assassination in 1865 may have been the end of his life, but it was the beginning of his legacy. From the Civil War to Civil Rights to today, Ford’s Theatre and the Lincoln Memorial have served as stages from which we celebrate President Lincoln and the things that mattered to him: unity, creativity and the right to rise.
Tuesday, February 18th @ 1:00pm

Virtual Field Trip: From Civil War to Civil Rights
This virtual field trip will allow students to connect with a specialist at the Virginia Historical Society for an informative and engaging experience that brights history to life while reinforcing the importance of primary source learning and historical inquiry. Emancipation and the end of the Civil War brought promises of equality for African Americans in Virginia and throughout the South. It took the better part of a century for those promises to begin to be realized.
Wednesday, February 19th @ 1:00pm

In-Person Field Trip: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Upon our visit to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, there will be a “history” focused tour and participation in the Three Cultures educational program. While the museum itself is focused more on the natural world, this tour and program relates to our natural heritage and the interdependence of humanity and nature. Additionally, there will be a focus on similarities and differences among indigenous cultures across the globe and through history. After the program, families will be free to independently explore both the Carnegie Museum of Art History and Carnegie Museum of Natural History at their leisure!
Thursday, February 27th @ 10:00am

In-Person Field Trip: Benjamin Franklin Museum
Benjamin Franklin, the face of the $100 bill, was a huge part of history. Join us in exploring the Benjamin Franklin Museum and learning just how much this individual contributed! Explore Benjamin Franklin’s life and legacy through his character traits. The exhibit area of the museum is divided into five “rooms” with each room focusing on a particular trait: ardent and dutiful, ambitious and rebellious, motivated to improve, curious and full of wonder, and strategic and persuasive. There are videos, touch screen interactives, mechanical interactives, and artifacts in each “room.” An additional Library Room presents a video with excerpts from Franklin’s Autobiography.
Thursday, February 27th @ 10:00am

In-Person Field Trip: State Museum of Pennsylvania
Join us for a lesson on Pennsylvania history by participating in a guided tour of the State Museum of Pennsylvania. Put your sneakers on and be ready to explore! This tour will feature the major highlights found in the Museum galleries including everything from William Penn, The Battle of Pickett’s Charge, the Marshalls Cree Mastodon, and much more! Families will have the option to continue with a self-guided tour of the museum exhibits and to visit the museum store afterwards independently if they wish!
Friday, February 28th @ 9:30am