Care in Action

At the PA Distance Learning Charter School, we value early and consistent parental involvement in our students’ education. One goal that we strive to meet is to notify and involve parents when students experience barriers to learning and school success.

The Student Assistance Program at PA Distance is also referred to as the “Care in Action” team and is mandated throughout all public secondary schools in Pennsylvania. This program is designed to assist school personnel to identify student issues including alcohol/drug use, mental health issues, child abuse, etc., which pose a barrier to their learning and school success. Although SAP at the elementary level is not mandated by the state, PA Distance Learning also implemented the core values and practices of the SAP program with our K-6 students in the 2009-2010 school year.

The mission of the “Care in Action” team at the PA Distance Learning Charter School is to support students and their families, promote healthy coping skills, and to increase school success. Students’ health, safety, and welfare are always of the utmost importance to us. Our “Care in Action” team consists of the family invovlment specialist, elementary and secondary teachers, academic advisors, the school nurse, the Director of Student Services, and administration. These individuals are formally trained to identify problems, determine whether or not the presenting problem lies within the responsibility of the school, and to offer resources to assist the student and parent/guardian. The SAP program is not a treatment program for students and/or families. It is neither the mission of the school nor its responsibility to resolve all problems that impact school performance and student success.

Care in Action Team

School personnel, peers, students themselves, or family members may refer students to the “Care in Action” team. A student can only be involved in the SAP program with parent/guardian permission. Any person who is concerned about a student is encouraged to refer that student by contacting any of the following “Care in Action” team members.

Tanya Contos - teacher

Mrs. Tanya Contos – Curriculum & Instruction Coach/SAP Coordinator, ext. 138

Mrs. Patricia Rossetti – CEO, ext. 114