Encouragement, Growth & Collaboration. Right from the Start.

Kindergarten often comes with mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety for both students and parents. It comes during some of the most formative years in your child’s life and is the beginning of your child’s academic journey. We need you, the parent, to come along for the ride.

Parent involvement is crucial to student success at the kindergarten level. Our highly qualified teachers lead our students throughout the day, but we encourage having a parent nearby. Technology can be tricky for people of all ages, but it’s especially tricky for those using a computer for the first time.

As a parent, your job won’t be to teach. It will be to make sure your student is prepared for school each day, shows up to class and has everything he or she needs to succeed in our virtual classroom setting.

Kindergarten can’t be done alone. Parent participation is just as important as student participation.

How you start can go a long way in determining how you finish. At PA Distance Learning, we focus on building a strong foundation, rooted in student growth. The end of the academic journey may seem far, but in all reality it will go by in the blink of an eye.

Believe it or not, our career education and work program begins in kindergarten. Our highly qualified teachers often host assemblies that expose students to different professionals, such as a dentist or an engineer.

Overall, the curriculum and our blended learning environment support collaboration. Our students can ask teachers as many questions as they want, and all of our students interact with each other through our virtual classroom setting.

Once the live learning session is over for the day the students spend the rest of their days working on learning activities. If your kindergartener has a question or needs some help with an assignment, you can reach out to their teacher for real time support by phone or through our live online chat system.

At PA Distance Learning we believe in our mission. We believe in our parents. We believe in our teachers. We believe in our students. But, we know that in order to be successful, everyone needs to work together to ensure your student’s success!

Acellus Lessons

We utilize Acellus online lessons which are built for the digital age and draw on interactive activities as we cover the Core subjects of English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

The Teachers supplement the online lessons with daily Live Learning Sessions, where the students and teacher work together to complete lessons and activities in a virtual classroom setting.

We enhance our Kindergarteners learning with daily lessons working with the calendar, the weather and building mathematical connections. Each week our students also participate in Story Time and Show and Tell.

We help our Kindergartners prepare for First Grade by building strong skill sets both online and offline.

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