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Oh, the places you’ll go!

Think Central remains the core of our learning tool for grades 1-5 allowing students a smooth transition into Middle School in Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr.

Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. round out our Elementary offerings by providing our students with supplemental online study aids and additional resources in many subject areas.

Recorder Karate

Our music department features a program called “Recorder Karate” that provides our students the opportunity to earn colored karate belts as they learn their…



80% is teacher-crafted lessons. We also bring some Disney magic into the learning experience for grades 3 and 5 through Creativity express to broaden our students’ horizons in Art. Creativity Express was launched by former Disney animators who worked on Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Brother Bear… (CHANGE TO WHITE TEXT WHEN COMPLETED…)